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Solid Steps to Help Return from a Point of Burnout

Take Time Off: Sometimes it's impossible to see the wood from the trees when you are immersed/disengaged from your daily life. By continuing to POWER THROUGH you will exacerbate things. Clear some time to get in a better headspace whether it's taking a few days, weeks or months away from...

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Morning Routine: Rise and Shine with these 3 key activities

There are only 3 simple things which I recommend to kickstart your day on a positive note. Only choose one to begin with...


To get the blood flowing and energy going it is a great idea to incorporate some form of movement into that morning routine. As little as 3-5 minutes could help....

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Sleep Soundly - take these 4 simple actions...

A good night's sleep starts way earlier in the day than you expect.

There are four simple actions you can take during your day to improve sleep that night.

  1. Exercise and it doesn't need to be a massive time investment. Just 20-minutes of brisk walking could be enough. It has the advantage of...
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3 Massive Time Savers

Sometimes our busy brains can work against us.

Being aware of these three mental blindspots could be a productivity game changer for you.

  1. Completion Bias: We are wired as humans to get satisfaction from task completion. You will be familiar with this if you ever completed a task that wasn't...
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