Answer the call for a healthy workplace!

Be one of a select few companies to answer the call 😉

This is an invitation to embed wellness in your company’s DNA

 If you answer yes to exploring further then I can share all the background that you might appreciate on the history and the current emphasis of my work – this video gives a quick taster 😊 

The package will be tailored to the individual company’s requirements.

I have recently worked with the companies as seen on the ‘logo’ graphic below. Also included is a recent testimonial, social media and contact info.

If we have that first engagement then we can see if your expectations match or can be matched with my offering.

I have presented to individuals, small and medium groups and recently to 400+ online.

  • Ensure meaningful connection with employees regardless of the work location/model.
  • Encourage creative and innovative ways to retain and help employees flourish.
  • Show employees that they too have responsibilities to building a better place to work.
  • Allow career progression in a culture of togetherness and inclusion.
  • Develop a high trust culture.
  • Demonstrate what differentiates my course from the multitude of alternatives.
  • Provide quality delivery where the attention is on the workforce, the company and not on the presenter.
  • Include a pre-engagement meeting to establish current culture and desired culture.
  • Encourage alignment of corporate and personal goals and ensuring they are not in conflict.
  • Follow up with a review and recommendations to keep the process fresh and relevant.

If I were to pick one of the above as the key to my delivery, it’s the follow up. I prefer to engage with companies who want to embed wellness in their culture and not as a one-off.

Performance Treanor Details:

+353 (0)89 618 4142

[email protected]



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