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Hello Everybody,

I’d like to give you some quick health and wellness tips as summer draws to a close and we return to our routines.

1. What gets measured gets done – use the SMART goal setting model for ONE important goal. S stands for specific e.g. I want to lose 10kg, M stands for measurable (in this case a weighing scales or clothes fitting), A for achievable – yes with efforts on exercise and nutrition, R for relevant – relevant if you are somebody who values being fit in a healthy body and lastly T for time bound – I will have a target date of the 1st of December.

2. Healthy habit creation is assisted by the Three 3R habit loop. Reminder (an alarm on your phone for example), routine (a practice you follow like the office stretch routine linked here) and reward is recognising the benefits of the routine. 

3. Start simple with new habits e.g.

a) Start sitting on your sit bones for better posture. This clip shows how.

b) Have a water bottle on your desk at all times to remind you to remain hydrated.

c) Try to be on your feet for 30-minutes during your work day. 

Now I’d like to finish with a joke, a podcast recommendation and an eastern self-compassion concept:

Did you hear about the Irish man who loved his wife so much that he almost told her? 😉

Mind Body Soul Podcast: Recovering from Burnout to your Positive and Energetic Self

Mudita is a Buddhist practice which literally translates as “sympathetic joy” and involves taking pleasure in the good fortune of other people. It involves dropping begrudgery and comparison and can help us to feel a greater self-compassion and happiness for our own achievements too.

This idea of self-compassion is one that I really like. Having recently completed a mental health first aid certificate it made me realise the importance of tools like this to help us put mental health on a par with physical wellbeing.

If you would like your company to work with me in the coming months on health and wellness then here are the areas in which I can provide support:

1. Peak Performance online course

2. Weight Loss services

3. Personal Training sessions

4. Corporate mental health, wellbeing and personal productivity workshops 

You can see on the website some of the clients that I have worked with and I have plenty of references available on request too.

Have a lovely week! 



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