Stop looking back - adapt a better than before mindset...

Please allow me a personal reflection today which I think can help others.

I felt a POP!

This is real bad…

I had ruptured the cruciate ligament in my knee at Gaelic Football training.

A year away from competitive sport would ensue.

This will sound weird but I was relieved.

I had lost my passion for football and needed a break.

Such an injury forced me to do the inner and outer work.

To become better physically and mentally.

During the injury I read a book by Dave Alred which described a game changing outlook:

The “better than before” mindset.

Meaning it is not ok to constantly compare ourselves to a previous ‘better’ self.

Don’t think about getting back to where you were before.

Have the boldness to go further and want to be better than before the adversity.

I did all the rehab prescribed to me and started training the mind through mindfulness and visiting a great sports psychologist called Keith Begley

These elements helped me to come back better than before.

I focused on where I could improve and accepted where I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t get faster however I could get much better at kicking with my right foot and mental resilience during games.

If you feel stuck lamenting a previous self and know this is holding you back.

If you have the boldness to challenge these thoughts and tell them to **** off.

Then I’m the man to contact to get you started on your new health and fitness journey - don't hesitate to message me with any queries on my health and wellness coaching.

The featured images are with my stalwart teammates and friends as well as from the field of battle. They are all post cruciate injury and include big milestones with the two most important GAA clubs in my life - Templeogue Synge Street and Belgium GAA. Championship wins and finals as well as some photos from running where I have been able to excel in park runs, half marathons and a full marathon. #keeperlit


Declan ‘believe in better’ Treanor 

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