Rise and Shine Morning Routine

Here you are my friends, a poetic reminder on the benefits of sculpting a morning routine to put pep in your step.


Life's not a race, not a chase, be mindful of your living pace.

Keep it gradual, keep it soft - a good morning routine to set you off.

An easy start - make your bed - no need to think, no need to dread.

A little act to start your day - basic, controlled, organised - okay.


A stretch - make sure from head to toes - nerves and senses tuned,

muscles, limbs and organs wake and gently movement flows.

Blood eases round - oxygen its load, body and mind made ready, ready for the road.


Be mindful of your morning routine,

smoothness and calm for the human machine.

Warm it up and settle it down, with simple acts at breakfast time.

Routine acts won't clog your head, it's clear, it's fresh to cope instead.

Routine acts and fostered care prepare you for all, work and ware.


If you flounce and fret and fuss when just out of bed...

That sets the day for drama, frays - body and mind misled.

You've programmed it for a contentious you,

instead of letting the good traits through.


So - no thoughts to weigh you down as you start today.

No emails, no stress, no racing, no mess before you meet your day.

Prepping yourself the night before, keeping morning simple and expected. 

Gives sustenance and self-control whatever is projected.


By Ursula Treanor


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