Sleep Wonderful Sleep - The Neglected Pillar

Here you are my friends, a poetic reminder on why we should love our sleep and trips into dream land.

The importance of sleep: -

Long hours, short sleep - discord
Long hours suggest you're working hard.
Short sleep suggests you're under parred.

Please, please, please have more regard
For sleep and its patterns, a vital safeguard

Balance is the way to go. Work, leisure, nutrition & sleep. So many benefits you can reap: -
Bright eyed and fresh, ready for action - ready for graft - ready for difficulty - enjoy your craft.
Craft is skill of body & soul, calm and rested it's in control. You then can master your every-day, weaving and flowing with life's array.

Sleep deprivation catches up with us all
It snatches and scratches - we grow tetchy and fall.
It's just that we're human far from machine. Sleep is the energy that feeds our life's stream. It soothes and relaxes, cleanses, redeems.

Sleep is an act of much needed rest. Time to refuel - time that invests.
Never miss - invest each day, a much-needed balance for work rest and play.

By Ursula Treanor


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