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Stop looking back - adapt a better than before mindset...

Please allow me a personal reflection today which I think can help others.

I felt a POP!

This is real bad…

I had ruptured the cruciate ligament in my knee at Gaelic Football training.

A year away from competitive sport would ensue.

This will sound weird but I was relieved.

I had lost my...

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How to bounce out of periods of low energy or low mood.

At some point in our lives, we all have been low on energy or in a negative mood. What immediate actions can you take to help lift yourself out of this situation?

To immediately up your positive energy, try one of these tips this week.

1. Turn your phone off – yes completely off! For one...

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Simple Soup Sensations

Autumn is well and truly here, one of my four favourite seasons. One reason I like autumn is that it is time to prepare and eat soups again.


There are so many good things about soups:
1. It is a super easy way to get plenty of...

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Want a stress free morning? Stop doing these things...

Super short post on keys to creating positive momentum from the moment you wake up.

The Dalai Lama has an interesting outlook on happiness, he believes it is not just obtained through the accumulation of wealth/objects/successes but is cultivated also through elimination and cutting out...

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Hydrate Yourself Properly in 2021

  1. Dehydration is underestimated as a performance diminisher.
    • Let’s start on a positive note. Water’s free in so many ways. Calorie free, caffeine free, free to consume when from the tap and we’re blessed that it is readily available to us.
    • Despite this, many people have a...
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Sleep Wonderful Sleep - The Neglected Pillar

Here you are my friends, a poetic reminder on why we should love our sleep and trips into dream land.

The importance of sleep: -

Long hours, short sleep - discord
Long hours suggest you're working hard.
Short sleep suggests you're under parred.

Please, please, please have more regard
For sleep and...

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Back to Work Wellness Tips

Hello Everybody,

I’d like to give you some quick health and wellness tips as summer draws to a close and we return to our routines.

1. What gets measured gets done – use the SMART goal setting model for ONE important goal. S stands for specific e.g. I want to lose 10kg, M stands for...

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Christmas Wellness Music Playlist

Hi folks,

Just a little message to wish you a Merry Christmas.

And to say thanks for reading my articles, watching my videos and listening to my podcast throughout the year and spreading the health and wellness word.

It’s probably the time of year when we want more than ever to be in good...

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Making Resolutions that Stick

Howdy health and wellness partners,

Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy 2022.

Some tips for health and wellness resolutions to keep in mind:


1. Ensure your goals are based on what you want for yourself not because you feel "I should" do this... Also, goals based around impressing...

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10 books that can change your life

10 books that can change your life through health, wellness and personal productivity gains:

1. The Feeling Good Handbook by Dr. Burns – helps you to notice that harsh inner voice and learn how to engage with that internal dialogue in a much healthier manner.

2. Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath...

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