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Hi, I'm Declan.

Performance Treanor, Declan Treanor

I believe that we all want to do our best. It is rare that anyone gets out of bed in the morning and thinks, “I want to do something negative today, annoy people and get given out to for doing a bad job”.

With this in mind I believe that people want to perform to the best of their ability in all facets of their lives.

This might sound stressful, always needing to perform but it is not. The idea is this, simply put. Even when you are relaxing and recharging your batteries, you want to do it as best you can so you feel great and re-energised afterwards.

Then I thought what are the main elements we need to train to perform in? 

Well, I strive in my life to be balanced in mind, body and soul - my holy trinity.

Working as a business consultant I realised that the “always on” work mode was not for me. I needed balance between fulfilling work, looking after my body (exercise, sleep and nutrition) and a greater good (sports clubs, charity work, fun projects with friends etc.). 

I have always lived my life based on instinct for what felt right at the time and that has meant tough decisions. Leaving what many would consider a perfect job to set up my own company which may or may not have succeeded.

Over the years, I came to experience myself and to notice that while a lot of athletes thrive in demonstrating their athletic capabilities, they sometimes have a struggle emotionally and mentally. This clearly has an impact on their performance and enjoyment.

It got me interested in the whole spectrum of health and wellness and I developed a passion for organisational behaviour, sports psychology, personal training, nutrition and mindfulness - please note I have completed qualifications and certifications in all of these areas. You see I am always fascinated by how human beings can get the best out of themselves and how we can facilitate the environment for them to do so.

I really hate hearing of somebody who let fear hold them back from achieving a big goal or pursuing a passion and my life’s purpose is to ensure this happens to as few people as possible.

And with that strong why in mind, this is where the Performance Treanor journey really began.

In 2016, I started interviewing high performers in sports, academia, music and business to understand what made them tick. I then used to share their learnings with anyone interested in what they had to say through featured articles and podcasts on the blog section. 

Since then, I qualified as an iCREPS accredited Personal Trainer and a MNU Certified Nutritionist. I also hold a Continued Professional Development certification in Mindfulness.

I am now on a mission to help people live more confidently and more comfortable in their skin by focusing on:

  • Mind (positive self-talk, dealing with distorted thoughts, mindfulness and managing the chimp brain).
  • Body (sleep, movement, nutrition and hydration to nourish the body and give you the best chance to feel energised, happy and look fresh).
  • Soul (having the confidence to set meaningful stretch goals and stick to them with laser like focus. Knowing what we value in life, remembering to reach out, love wholeheartedly and communicate vulnerably to let ourselves be truly seen). 

I helped hundreds of people on their journey to living a happier, healthier and more meaningful life with weight loss, exercise and nutrition programmes, wellness workshops, an online course to achieve better energy, productivity and self-confidence, and have many tips on all of these areas on my blog. See you there!

More details about Declan

  • Health Coach and Corporate Presenter
  • Contributor to IBEC KeepWell Ezine, Engage magazine, TG4 Irish Abroad feature, Wellness Week and Away Days to European Union organisations
  • MNU Certified Nutritionist
  • iCREPS (Internationally Accredited) Personal Trainer
  • Essentialism and Getting Things Done Practitioner
  • Worked in PwC and the European Commission
  • MSc in Strategic Management and Planning
  • Completed Mindfulness Professional Development Certification
  • Played Gaelic Football for Dublin County Team in 2012. Also played for teams in Toulouse, New York, Chicago, Brussels and Dublin
  • Ran 5km in 17 minutes 43 seconds in 2019 to win the Malahide Park Run
  • Directed and starred in “The Stages of the Stage” European Trainee drama production in 2015
  • Featured on Irish Speaking TV station
  • Top 7 weight loss clients lost 85kg between them 
  • Speaks English, Irish and French fluently

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