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Weight-loss 1-1 programme 

12 weeks to get you toned up

An ideal nutrition and exercise programme to help you lose weight and more importantly to keep it off.

This is not a 1 month fad or rabbit food diet. This helps to set you up for the longer term.

The core benefits of the programme are:

  • Access to a MNU certified nutritionist's expertise.
  • A detailed plan giving nutrition guidance and exercise to do during the whole 3-month period. This means that not only will you lose weight but you will also be working on a firmer and fitter body too (including information on how much food you should consume to stay under your calorie target).
  • If you go with the food tracking option (strongly recommended), you will be given daily feedback on any corrections necessary.
  • Mindful and emotional eating advice to improve your relationship with food. 

What do you get?


Kick-off session

A 60-minute call - deep dive consultation for initial dietary and lifestyle assessment

Action plan

3-month action plan

Delivery of a 3-month tailor-made action plan with meal guidelines and exercise guidance

Progress Monitoring

Weekly call

A weekly 15-minute accountability call to track progress and make adjustments where necessary

Food tracker

Food tracker analysis and feedback throughout

Whatsapp support

24/7 Whatsapp support

Charity action

Contribution to a good cause

We will give €10 to a charity of your choice for every 5kg that you lose.

Get the expertise from a MNU certified nutritionist 

They did it!

Here is what they say about it:

"The weight-loss programme with Declan opened my eyes a lot. I completely turned my nutrition around and made a lot of changes quickly with Declan’s help. We found a balance that works with me. During the challenge, I had to have an operation on my back. This meant that I couldn’t exercise. I thought my challenge was coming to an end but with Declan, we discussed other things I could do and how to further improve my nutrition while I couldn’t train. I actually lost more weight while recovering! In the end, I managed to lose 15kg in 12 weeks and although it has been tough at times, I haven’t missed out on much socially, I’ve been out a number of times at weddings and to the pub with friends, etc. I’ve a different outlook and perspective on things now, I’m definitely happier and more confident in myself now. Thank you so much, Declan!"

David Kelly

"During the programme, we had a call each week where we talked about what happened the previous week and the pros and cons of it. We also made a plan for the next week. It’s like starting the journey each week again: you put the last week behind you, you start fresh and it keeps you focused. It kept me accountable also. So I’d absolutely recommend going down that route again because I’m down 17kg now over the period and I wouldn’t have done that myself to be honest. A goal I had was to fit again into a suit I bought a few years ago. I tried it at the end of the programme and it was too big! That was a great boost as well."

Ruairí Farrelly

"I was 77kg before the programme and I am now 60kg. My goal was 65kg initially! What made the difference to me: Declan’s diet plan, having a reachable goal and invaluable support, from my husband (he is also down more than 10kg and working out like I haven’t seen since we met many years ago) and from Declan. Having someone to push you to be your best self is such a great thing. Whether it be sharing a good result to Declan via WhatsApp, receiving a compliment from colleagues, running in the country with your bestie... It all helps. I look forward to my exercise sessions now and I do it more and more because I can see the effects and losing weight feels great. I haven’t felt this great in probably over 10 years. My goal now is to stay healthy and I believe I know how to do this and more and more it’s because I want to, rather than knowing I need to.”

Claire Gates

See their transformations

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It's a no-brainer: if you feel we did not deliver at the end of the programme, every penny will be reimbursed.

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