Peak performance code 

A 10-week online course to achieve peak performance

In the Western world, we have been taught to believe that productivity comes as a result of long hours. This course will prove to you it’s more about working smarter in all facets of mind, body, soul and personal productivity. Learn from research and studies that will help you to see your peak performance in a new light. 

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What to expect from the course

This 10-week course delves into health (nutrition, sleep and exercise), wellness (self-talk, assertiveness, confidence and self-actualisation) and personal productivity (morning routines, energy & time management, creative solutions and rejuvenating downtime).

It is based on a series of popular health and wellness workshops from Declan Treanor who has also had many articles published in the highly respected IBEC KeepWell online magazine.

You will learn how to eat, move and sleep better. We will also show you how to think strategically about your calendar, keeping energy levels topped up and how to generate creative solutions when you’re stuck with difficult situations and need solutions. The mind and your confidence will be bolstered by looking at the psychology and importance of human mindset and quality communication. Using insights from the latest science, this course offers a roadmap for laser-like focus, eliminating distractions and performing at your best long term while enjoying this new efficiency. 

What do you get?

Concise, engaging and action-focused lessons delivered weekly

Executive summaries with key takeaways for quick review

10-week course presented by Declan Treanor 

Practical exercises for putting the insights to use

24/7 access to content via computer, tablet, or smartphone

Meet the presenter

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Here is what they say about it:

"I got to know Declan through his 'Rise & Shine Morning Routine' course module and would highly recommend it! Declan’s positivity, knowledge and enthusiasm for health and wellness really gets you interested and ready to make positive changes. The module provided great morning options that could work for you and your lifestyle. I am already making changes to my morning routine and seeing the benefits. The course and the Performance Treanor content have inspired me so much I have now decided to embark on a new journey with Declan to better my relationship with food and improve my health. Looking forward to it."

Stacey B.

"I highly recommend Declan’s Peak Performance Code course, which touches on a wide variety of topics on health and wellness. It is very enlightening and engaging. Declan is a wealth of knowledge and shares very practical and useful information. I particularly liked the module 'The Inner Game & Improved Self-Talk' where Declan informs us on ‘distorted thoughts’, which everyone experiences in their life. We get useful techniques to deal with it and on how to put those techniques into use in our everyday life to positive effect. Since putting them into practice myself, I have gotten great benefit as a result of the course in my personal, sporting and professional life."

Caoimhghín O’C.

"I really enjoyed Declan's 'Rejuvenating Downtime' course. I found it thought provoking and highly effective. As someone with a demanding work schedule, I was struggling to get the most out of my free time. With a few simple life hacks learned in the course, my few hours in the evening are more productive and relaxing. Heading into the weekend I aim to achieve the 2-3 'anchor activities' that were talked about in the course. A simple mindset to achieve a satisfactory balance. I find Declan's course to be well thought out, engaging and relevant. Would highly recommend to those wanting to better themselves in any way, shape or form."

Gerry W.

"I followed Performance Treanor’s "Most Authentic You: Confidence, Charisma & Assertiveness" module because this is an area I was working on but I had hit a bit of a wall. Declan's guidance helped me see the issues I was having in a different light and gave me new practical advice to take away. Since then, I've found it increasingly easier to speak up  and present myself in staff and client meetings, even on topics I feel less comfortable with."

John M.

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