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Peak Performance Code

A 10-week online course to achieve peak performance and live your life optimally. Based on research around nutrition, sleep,  assertiveness, productivity, and more.

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Corporate Workshops

Help your employees thrive at work with our workshops about physical health, optimal mindset, clear communication and personal productivity.

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Weight-Loss Programme

A 3-month tailor-made programme with food and exercise guidance from a nutritionist and personal trainer.

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Personal Training Sessions

30-minute Zoom movement sessions to get a healthy, fun and sustainable way of exercise.

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Stacey B.

- Engineer, Dubai -

"I got to know Declan through his 'Rise & Shine Morning Routine' course module and would highly recommend it! Declan’s positivity, knowledge and enthusiasm for health and wellness really gets you interested and ready to make positive changes. The module provided great morning options that could work for you and your lifestyle. I am already making changes to my morning routine and seeing the benefits. The course and the Performance Treanor content have inspired me so much I have now decided to embark on a new journey with Declan to better my relationship with food and improve my health. Looking forward to it."


Claire G.

- Conference Service Head at NATO PA, Brussels -

"I was 77kg before the programme and I am now 60kg. My goal was 65kg initially! What made the difference to me: Declan’s diet plan, having a reachable goal and invaluable support, from my husband (he is also down more than 10kg and working out like I haven’t seen since we met many years ago) and from Declan. Having someone to push you to be your best self is such a great thing. I look forward to my exercise sessions now and I do it more and more because I can see the effects and losing weight feels great."


Lucyna Gutman-Grauer

- Head Of Employee Training at Interel, Brussels -

"In his wellbeing sessions, Declan was an extremely articulate and engaging presenter. He managed to keep everyone’s attention, stirring a lively Q&A in the end of his perfectly structured presentations. Following the sessions, Declan provided participants with interesting relevant materials (videos, books, articles) to help them pursue the learnings individually. We would recommend Declan to all professionals aiming at achieving a higher degree of wellbeing at work and in their personal lives."


Who are we?

Hi, I'm Declan. I founded Performance Treanor to offer health, wellness and personal productivity solutions to individuals and employees. 

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