The 4 Pillars of Weight Loss

Before the pillars are revealed, success in this area starts with 4 questions.

1. What do I really want when it comes to weight loss?

Think about how you would look, feel and carry yourself. You might even have a target number in mind and potentially an outfit you’d really like to get into.

2. What are you willing to give up?

That daily latté which costs you approximately 200 calories, the too many drinks on a Friday that lead to a lazy and even more calorific weekend… This point will help you decide if you’re really serious.

3. If you have passed question 1 and 2 and you still really want to do it then you have got to set your mind to it.

Take on the mindset that you are not out for quick fixes or fad diets. This journey is about healthy habit change which will make your life better in the short, medium and long term.

4. Get to work.

Action mindset is now the key. What next? Potentially you could hire a trainer or download a calorie tracking app.

If you have read this far, then perhaps it’s time to go a little further. Now for the 4 pillars to successful weight loss:

Physical Health

  • Eat like we did back in the 1960’s when the average plate size held less than half the number of calories of a modern-day plate. People think wasting food is throwing out something that is gone off but it is also putting surplus food unnecessarily into our bodies.
  • Move more. Sedentarism is the new smoking. It is defined as 5,000 steps or less per day. It is linked to 35 chronic health conditions which includes obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Modern day office workers are sitting on average of 9.3 hours per day, the body was not built for this lifestyle. A mini habit like taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a step in the right direction, excuse the pun.
  • Sleep is vital in helping you towards your goal – the research backs this up: just one night of poor sleep can lead to dramatic changes in appetite. This is why, compared to people who get a full night sleep, people who sleep 6 hours a night are 23% more likely to be obese. Energy and willpower are a lot lower when we are tired and more often than not this leads to poorer nutrition decisions. Take your sleep seriously.

Optimal Mindset

  • Successful weight loss is generally accompanied by good self-talk. Let’s take the scenario of having an ice cream and two possible self-talk reactions:

“I’m a pig, I just broke my new diet. May as well have take-away for dinner now”.

“I’ve done well all week. I deserved and enjoyed that treat. Now, back on the ball with that salad I have ready for dinner later this evening”.

  • People who frame weight loss as a massive sacrifice are starting out on the wrong foot. It can lead to an element of procrastination to truly invest in the journey. It can also cause a negative feeling that you “have to” do something as opposed to “wanting to” do something.
  • Food associations can lead to mindless calorie consumption. People often find it difficult to watch football or Netflix without indulging in some snacks at the same time. This is why a commitment to more mindful eating where you give focus to your food can help you on a weight loss journey. This is because it improves your relationship with food and has the additional benefit of improving digestion.

Confident Communication

  • Assertiveness with toxic friends will greatly improve your chances of a successful weight loss journey. An example of an assertive and empowering statement would be, “I’ve told you already that I’m trying to lose weight, I won’t have a dessert so please don’t offer again. I really would like your help and support”.
  • Spoken declarations and agreed action plans can help people lose weight and get in better shape. Whether people declare their commitment to weight loss goals publicly and/or to a specialised weight loss coach is up to them.
  • A weight loss journey can help you to feel more charismatic. You may notice yourself smiling more, feeling sexier and more adventurous.


  • While pursuing and once you’ve achieved your weight loss target it will help you to feel a greater sense of energy. You will start seeing the value of ignoring the big pasta bowl at lunch time, favouring the lentils and salmon which have you feeling in a better mood for the afternoon’s work or family pursuits.
  • Our clients have often found a greater sense of purpose while on a weight loss journey with us. They take on other big decisions based on the self-confidence gained from achieving a healthier body.
  • You will notice your self-discipline transform for the better. People’s sense of reward and enjoyment of rewards changes positively. That Saturday take away may become fortnightly or that brownie with the latté is limited to after your final gym session of the week. Rewards become more enjoyable due to their moderation. The new staples of your diet are also based around tastes you enjoy, ones which have a good impact on your body and energy.

For details on how we can guide you to a 12-week weight loss transformation based on new and healthy habit formation then make sure to check out this page.


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