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The 4 Pillars of Unique Workplace Cultures

People want more than just a job.

They want a role which provides them the opportunity to use their brains in a way which offers them autonomy, mastery and purpose.

A unique workplace can offer them all this.

Here are some pillars that can help you create a unique environment for your employees...

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The 4 Pillars of Your Peak Performance

If you’re reading this then it is likely that you are already a performing and highly ambitious individual. You probably feel like you can still learn and improve for more positive impact.

Before the pillars are revealed, success in this area starts with 4 questions.

1. What do I really...

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The 4 Pillars of Weight Loss

Before the pillars are revealed, success in this area starts with 4 questions.

1. What do I really want when it comes to weight loss?

Think about how you would look, feel and carry yourself. You might even have a target number in mind and potentially an outfit you’d really like to get into....

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Rise and Shine Morning Routine

Here you are my friends, a poetic reminder on the benefits of sculpting a morning routine to put pep in your step.


Life's not a race, not a chase, be mindful of your living pace.

Keep it gradual, keep it soft - a good morning routine to set you off.

An easy start - make your bed - no need...

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Simple Soup Sensations

Autumn is well and truly here, one of my four favourite seasons. One reason I like autumn is that it is time to prepare and eat soups again.


There are so many good things about soups:
1. It is a super easy way to get plenty of...

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Want a stress free morning? Stop doing these things...

Super short post on keys to creating positive momentum from the moment you wake up.

The Dalai Lama has an interesting outlook on happiness, he believes it is not just obtained through the accumulation of wealth/objects/successes but is cultivated also through elimination and cutting out...

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Hydrate Yourself Properly in 2021

  1. Dehydration is underestimated as a performance diminisher.
    • Let’s start on a positive note. Water’s free in so many ways. Calorie free, caffeine free, free to consume when from the tap and we’re blessed that it is readily available to us.
    • Despite this, many people have a...
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Sleep Wonderful Sleep - The Neglected Pillar

Here you are my friends, a poetic reminder on why we should love our sleep and trips into dream land.

The importance of sleep: -

Long hours, short sleep - discord
Long hours suggest you're working hard.
Short sleep suggests you're under parred.

Please, please, please have more regard
For sleep and...

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58kg weight loss between 3 clients ain't bad...

Claire Gates lost 17kg in one year with Performance Treanor

Weight Loss Period: 12-months

Initial Weight: 77kg

End Weight: 59.9kg

Before Photo:

1-month Photo:

After Photo:

Claire's weight at the end of her 1-year weight loss effort with Performance Treanor was 59.9kg.

Her weight loss journey...

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Answer the call for a healthy workplace!

Be one of a select few companies to answer the call

This is an invitation to embed wellness in your company’s DNA

 If you answer yes to exploring further then I can share all the background that you might appreciate on the history and the current emphasis of my work – this video...

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